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Social Security Disability Eligibility

There are a set of criteria that a claimant must meet in the social security disability eligibility in order to be able to claim for social security disability benefits. These criteria are carefully followed by the Social Security administration in order to avoid fraud. It is a fact that some people would do anything for money so these rules for eligibility function as a safeguard for the administration.

Firs of all, a claimant must qualify in the administration definition of disability. According to them, a person must have a health problem that can last at least up to one year or to result in death, thus be unable to involve in any substantial gainful employment. A medical test is usually done to back up such a disability. Medical proof from his doctor can be submitted by the person himself. The determination service can still conduct a health examination if they think that the evidence provided is not enough. The ailments must also be included in the Social Security’s listings of debilitating diseases. The claimant must also have worked in the required number of years and have paid the required minimum social security taxes. When all of these requirements under social security disability eligibility have been met the administration will then process the papers and compute the appropriate benefits.

At present there is now also the benefit eligibility screening tool that an applicant can use from the SSA site. This will help them in knowing which program they will qualify for. This tool however, will not give an estimate of benefit amounts. For security purposes, it will not ask for your Social Security number nor access your records.

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