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Social Security Disability Fraud Attorney

Have you been a victim of Social Security Disability Fraud? If so, then it is greatly possible that the benefits ought to have been awarded to you were ripped off. How can you receive your benefits then and sue against such illegal activities?  You have to know the legal implications of this unlawful activity from an expert social security disability fraud attorney or advocate.

Los Angeles Social Security Law Attorney Firm is your aggressive ally in combating all forms of social security disability fraud. Attorneys and advocates of our firm are highly experienced and competent in handling cases for victims of such dishonest conduct.

There are a few forms of Social Security disability frauds occurring in California and all other parts of the country.

-    Disability Insurance Fraud - the United States' State Disability Insurance (SDI) defines this as any claim for benefits under the SDI program where an individual person or one who works in cohorts with another person, deliberately issues a false statement, did a misrepresentation or withheld any material fact with the intent to collect SDI benefits.

-    Credit Card Fraud (Identity Theft) – a person operating alone or with associations rips off another's unique social security number with substantial impact on the person's disability benefits and may lead to credit card fraud.

-    Internet based fraud / hackers – computer hackers attack some unsecured websites especially those online sites where transactions happen for them to recover the buyers' personal information/data.

There are many simple ways to avoid being a victim of social security disability fraud. Attorneys or advocates near your area will also be helpful in supplying pertinent information for its prevention.

If you are a victim however, and you have suffered severe loss together with mental anguish due to such unlawful activity, you need a professional social security disability fraud attorney to represent your case.

The Social Security Law Attorney Firm has teams of lawyers and advocates who will be helpful, compassionate and aggressive enough to pursue your case.

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