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Social Security Disability Fraud

Social security disability fraud happens when an individual dishonestly claims Social Security Disability but is not disabled. Social security disability fraud is illegal and detrimental to the Social Security system because it deprives the agency of funds that could otherwise be granted to someone who has a valid claim. Disability fraud is also a willful false statement, misrepresentation or withholds evidence for the purpose of collecting insurance benefits. This fraud can be performed by one person or with a collaborator. If you know of anyone committing social security disability fraud, please report to your nearest Social Security local office. Any person found out to be involved in a disability fraud will be banned for any current claim as well as any future claims. Aside from this, that fraudster can also be penalized for his crime.  

A social security disability fraud attorney can offer a reliable support in this tense time. Social Security fraud issues can involve a maze of issues and sub-issues but a good social security disability fraud can guide anyone intelligently through a social security disability fraud.

Moreover, a social security disability fraud attorney can help you recover from the fraud and determine whether your rights under Social Security and other laws have been violated. He can explain to you the legal process to any of your Social Security related question. Finding an attorney right away after an issue arises is very important. As soon as you find an effective counsel; the sooner you can begin your case. The right lawyer can help you approach litigation with confidence.

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