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Social Security Disability Insurance Benefit

The social security disability insurance benefit is being provided only to those who qualify in terms of the disability factor. All states observe and provide the insurance benefits due to the people/employees. Usually for employed individuals, the company or employer is responsible for paying the premiums of the employee. A certain percentage in the wage is obtained as the social security tax and the employer has a counterpart that he has to pay for the employee’s benefit. There are also circumstances wherein an individual can be covered the state’s program for insurance benefit. The kind of insurance being provided can be a short-term disability or long-term disability insurance.

The social security insurance benefit can be collected at any age in contrast to the retirement benefits wherein certain age has to be reached in order to be able to collect. One vital condition in order to be able to collect insurance benefits is that the claimant must have a serious physical or mental impairment. This impairment or disability must be so serious that the person is unable to perform any substantial work. The condition must also be expected to last for a year. To substantiate this claim for disability a detailed medical report should be submitted by the claimant along with other essential forms and documents asked fro by the Social Security Administration. The disability determination service of social security is the one that conducts an investigation to be sure that the disability being experienced is genuine. If the person meets all the requirements it is only then that the social security disability insurance benefit will be awarded.

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