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Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

The Social Security has been established to help out people in their retirement and old age. This is also the institution that persons with disability can count on. In order to be qualified for social security disability insurance benefits a person should qualify in the administration’s definition of disability. A disability is a debilitating condition that can last for a year or more which renders the person unable to involve in any beneficial activity. Aside from that, a person must have worked the required number of years and have diligently paid the social security taxes due him. Medical records are also necessary as proof of the claimant’s condition.

Once a petition has been approved the benefit will be awarded in the form of a monthly check and it will continue until such time that the claimant is able to work and provide for himself and his family again. The social security disability insurance benefits will be very helpful especially for health care coverage – hospital bills, medications and therapy.

The Social Security program that is aimed towards helping people who has experienced disability is the SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance. This pays benefits to the disabled person and selected family members provided that the person is a member and has worked and paid the required taxes.

In order to know if you qualify for this program, you can use the Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool that can be found on the Social Security’s website. This will be a big help in giving you some ideas which programs you fit in.

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