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Social Security Disability Insurance Claim

One of the programs under Social Security that helps individuals with disability is the SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance. This pays insurance to a member and his family if the said member has worked the required number of years and has paid the needed taxes. The administration is very strict regarding the rules and requirements in order for a member to be able to make a social security disability insurance claim.

There are instances wherein the whole process can take a while and even if the claim has been approved there is still a waiting period before the claim will be awarded. The benefit usually comes five months after the disability. With this fact, it will be very advantageous for the person to file a claim immediately after the disability happened. Filing can be done personally by going to the nearest Social Security office or through their online service. An appointment for an interview will be set up either in person or via phone. On this interview, it will be a great plus to have all the supporting forms and documents ready.

Some of the conditions set up by the administration are that the person must be actively looking for work or is employed but unable to do the regular work for at least eight consecutive days. There must be supporting medical papers to be submitted as required by the administration. The department assigned to look on each claim is the disability determination service and this usually requires medical records to be supplied. All these are strictly observed in order to prevent fraud regarding the social security disability insurance claim.

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