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Social Security Disability Insurance Leukemia

The Social Security Administration defines disability as a physically debilitating condition that prevents an individual to engage in any gainful activity. Furthermore in order to qualify as a disability, the condition must be expected to last at least twelve months. One of the diseases included in the social security’s list of disabling conditions is leukemia. Leukemia is a type of cancer that wherein the malignant white blood cells overpower the marrow and the blood stream. The treatment for this condition is chemotherapy. This procedure prevents the cells from dividing at a fast rate and also to kill the malignant cells.

A person who has this disease can file a claim for social security disability insurance leukemia benefits to help in the treatment and recuperation of the patient. The insurance benefits will also be a big thing for augmenting the daily needs especially as the person will not be able to do any gainful work with this medical condition.

The social security disability insurance leukemia benefits being awarded usually vary depending on the extent of the disease. Leukemia can be in an acute or chronic level. This is carefully evaluated by the SSA since there is a different computation for the acute type of leukemia and also a different calculation for chromic leukemia. There are rules to be observed before any benefit is awarded to the claimant.

There is a waiting period set by the administration when an application is approved. The SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) benefit is usually granted 5 months after the disability. This time span can be very long especially for those who do not have any other means of supporting themselves and their family so it is advisable to immediately file the benefit claim.

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