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Social Security Disability Insurance SSDI

One of the programs that help or assist social security members is the social security disability insurance SSDI. This program pays benefits to the members and their family members provided that the member has worked the required minimum of years and paid social security taxes. Primarily, in order to be qualified for disability insurance a person must meet the administration’s scope of disability. The petitioner should have a serious health condition that will last for 1 year which makes him unable to work and support himself and his family.

The Social Security Administration has a step- by-step procedure that they follow in determining who qualifies for insurance benefits. First of all as mentioned above, the person must have worked the required number of years and that the health condition is really debilitating. The health condition must also be included in the social security’s list of disabling conditions. It has to be established as well that the condition being suffered really makes the person unable to do any beneficial work.

Under the rules of Social Security, selected family members can also be entitled to receive social security disability insurance SSDI benefits on your record. The spouse, divorced spouse, children and disabled child may be eligible for monthly benefit as per stated under the rules. This benefit will be paid on a monthly basis until such time that the claimant is able to work again. Payment usually commence after five months from the time of the disability. It is very important that a person who experiences disability should immediately file for SSDI benefits because of the waiting period set by the Administration.

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