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Social Security Disability Qualifications

The first regulation for social security disability qualifications is that you must not be profitably employed. You must give certification proving that you are not gainfully employed to the Social Security Administration for them to approve your disability application.

The Social Security Administration requires that your condition must be grave enough to considerably limit your physical or mental ability to do basic task activities in order for you to be eligible for social security disability qualifications and for its benefits. Submission of information regarding your medical, work and education history is also essential because this will also be a basis in deciding if you really are disabled If the applicant is really unable to perform any substantial work for duration of one year, the Social Security will pay him monthly cash. Benefits generally keep on until such time that the person is able to go back to work.

Besides meeting the social security disability qualifications, other qualifications exist in order to receive SSDI benefits. You must have worked a certain amount of time in a job that is covered by Social Security, within a certain time in order to qualify. The amount of time or the number of work credits you need to qualify for disability benefits are based on your total yearly wages or self-employment income and depend on your age when you become disabled.

By contacting your nearest Social Security Administration local office you may be able to know more information concerning your social security disability qualifications. Consulting with a social security lawyer will also be an advantageous thing for one intending to file a benefit claim.
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