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Importance of Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Claiming for disability benefits

It is not a secret that claiming for disability benefits is difficult because it involves complex processes that many claimants find difficult to comprehend and to do. It is therefore a wise move to get help from a Social Security disability lawyer because doing so provides much needed advantages in winning the claim.

To be entitled to a disability claim benefits, an individual must have worked and paid taxes to Social Security for a definite period as set by the existing law. This means that he/she must first meet the Social Security work credits before he/she can file a petition before the court. These work credits depend upon his/her age when he obtained the disability.

To further identify if you meet the criteria in filing for a disability claim, you can furnish a copy of your Social Security Statement from your local Social Security office or else seek the advice of a credible lawyer for social security disability.

After determining your qualifications, you may now file your petition to the Social Security office, also with the assistance of Social Security Disability attorneys whom you put your trust. They will guide you on the case process and eventually represent you in the hearings set by the court.

The claim procedure may seem very difficult for an ordinary person without the know-how of the Social Security laws but with competent disability lawyers, he/she don’t have to worry about the outcome of the case. The expertise of these attorneys will ensure him/her of having the best and most favorable results.

What our lawyers can do for you

Our law firm provides a Social Security disability lawyer to handle your disability claim. We will assist you in setting up the initial appointment with Social Security, filing the necessary claim forms, and attending the initial interview.

Our SSDI attorneys have extensive experience in Social Security Disability Law. We provide expert legal administrative support to claimants who are disabled and are no longer able to work. We also guide and support them with attorney representation in their pursuit of Social Security benefits at all levels of the Social Security Administrative and Judicial process.

As your representative, our Social Security disability attorneys will explain to you the rules and regulations of Social Security so that you can help us win your case. We will also make sure that all appropriate claims are filed.

We will likewise assist you in gathering medical records and other pieces of evidence so that Social Security will have the whole picture of your medical condition. We will fill out and file all forms needed to push your case forward. Furthermore, we will attend all Social Security meetings, not just the hearing.

To enhance your claim further, we will contact your doctor and explain Social Security regulations to obtain a report consistent with those regulations. We will get documents from your Social Security Disability file.

If you have previously filed for benefits and dropped the claim, we may ask that a prior application for benefits be reopened. We will also meet with you before the hearing to explain the hearing procedure and go over your testimony.

If you win, we will make sure that the Social Security Administration (SSA) correctly calculates your benefits. If you lose, we will help you decide on whether or not to ask for a review of the hearing decision by the SSA’s Appeals Council.

Social Security disability claims necessitate the legal help of an experienced Los Angeles Social Security disability attorney. For free case analysis and consultation, call our office today at (866) 998-2545 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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