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Social Security Insurance

Retirees and people who suffer from old age and disabilities now have something to fall back on in the Social Security Insurance. However, this is not open to all and only those who meet the requirements and qualifications set by the Administration will be able to claim for benefits. 

Primarily, a person must be a member meaning that he has paid the required taxes in a job covered by the Social Security for the required number of years.  Another main ground for a claim is disability. Based on Social Security’s definition of disability a person must have a general health condition that is really serious and prevents him from involving in any substantial gainful employment.  The Social Security does not grant short term benefits so in order to qualify, a disability must be expected to last for one year or eventually result in death.

Moreover, in order to claim for this insurance the Social Security agency makes sure that the claim is a valid one. A representative from the agency, particularly from the Disability Determination Services, is sent out to check the person and every medical record is scrutinized and only if and when the criteria is met will the Social Security Insurance be provided to the individual concerned.

In order to be sure of the proper steps to take, getting the services of an experienced disability attorney or a social security insurance lawyer will be advantageous. This lawyer can give more social security insurance information and sound advice as well as already knows what vital paper work to prepare in order to present a strong social security disability insurance case or claim.

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