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SSA: Social Security Introduces Database to Improve Transparency

January 22, 2010

Washington - Social Security Commissioner Michael J. Astrue has announced the introduction of a new online database that will allow the public to access statistics and information about the federal benefits.

““I applaud President Obama’s commitment to creating an unprecedented level of openness in government and the new datasets we are posting far exceed what was asked of us”, Astrue said in statement posted on the Social Security website.

The commissioner also said that the new program will help disabled workers and seniors to know all the federal and state assistance they can get.

With the new database, the public can also access the statistics on applications, denials, and decisions; information about the proposed legislations and provisions that will affect the beneficiaries; and the allocations of budget.

Astrue said the online database is in line with the federal government’s goal to improve transparency.

To allay some concern, the commissioner said that the Social Security members’ personal information cannot be accessed in the public database.

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