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Social security programs are designed to provide security and meet the needs of disabled and retired workers. To protect individuals from unforeseen catastrophes, the government spreads certain risks among all members of society so that no single family bears the full burden of such occurrences.

Thus, the social security system assumes rightfully assumes the authority to the implementation of the social security programs. These programs include, health insurance, which is under the Medicare program, disability insurance benefits, retirement benefits and many others. Under the Supplemental Security Income program, the blind, age and disabled persons are provided with benefits without regards to their prior workforce participation.

Social Security Law is broken into several interrelated parts: administrative rules, regulations and procedures for government agencies and bodies; the scope of agency authority, in particular individual privacy; and enforcement powers of agencies. In short, law encompasses laws and legal principles governing the administration and regulation of city, county, state and federal government agencies involving rules, regulations, applications, licenses, permits, available information, hearings, appeals and decision-making.

Federal agencies are delegated power by Congress, and state agencies are delegated power from the state legislature, to act as agents for the executive. Generally, administrative agencies are created to protect a public interest rather than protecting private citizen rights. Governmental agencies must act within Constitutional parameters. These and other limits have been codified into statutes such as the Federal Administrative Procedure Act and state analogs.

Who are qualified?

In other countries, Social Security Program was created to provide old age, survivors, and disability insurance benefits to workers and their families. Unlike welfare, social security benefits are paid to an individual or his or her family at least in part on the basis of that person's employment record and prior contributions to the system. The program is administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) and it has included health insurance benefits under the Medicare program.

While the original act used Social Security in a broad sense and included federally funded welfare programs and unemployment compensation within its scope, current usage associates the phrase with old age, survivors, and disability insurance.

Workers qualify for its protection by having been employed for a minimum amount of time and by having made contributions to the program. Once an individual has qualified for protection, certain other family members are, as well. Financial need is not a requirement. While the Social Security Act governs an applicant's right to benefits; state substantive law governs some of the family relationship issues that may bear on that right such as the validity of a marriage.

Any employer (company) employing 5 persons or more must pay Social Security contributions to the Social Security Corporation. The employer and employee contribute 10% and 5% of the employee's salary respectively. The law at present covers insurance against work-related injuries, occupational diseases, disability, old age and death. Plans for additional insurance coverage such as temporary disabilities due to sickness, motherhood, health, unemployment and family allowances are planned to be added.

The Social Security Disability Law governs the benefit received from the Social Security Administration by disabled workers and in some cases their dependents, similar to those received by retired workers.

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