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Social Security Master Death Index

The social security master death index is a wider and more comprehensive database of names of deceased members of the social security. This is the source of the other entire death index that is provided by some other agencies. The master death index is a very beneficial material for genealogists today because this contains names of individuals who were given social security numbers and whose death was accounted for in the social security administration.

This social security master death index is provided free to all individuals who want to know about a certain person. However, it must be understood that the names evident in the index are only of those whose death were reported. The death index can also be used to locate additional genealogy and facts in history. This include names of reported members in the different states so in making a search it is important to be as specific as possible.

This master death index is very beneficial to genealogists or those who are studying ancestry and family history.  People who are in search of their roots and various relatives will also benefit a great deal from this death index.

In order to locate a particular person, there is a search guide wherein you just have to supply certain information on which you are searching for, such as the names, year of birth, year of death, state of residence and state of last payment. The search will also be much faster if you know the person’s social security number. Having all these major information will narrow down the search.
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