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Social Security Medical Disability
All kinds of profession with a medical disability who are requesting accommodations are required to provide appropriate documentation of their disability. These guidelines describe the necessary components for acceptable certification. For Diagnosis: This must be provided by a physician or other certified health care provider in order to authenticate the stated disability. For Severity: Documentation must contain information on how the medical circumstance and/or related medications and treatments obstruct or limit any major life activity including partaking in courses, programs, services, or activities.

Information to be provided by diagnostician: 1) A brief description of the condition. 2) Assessment of the severity of current symptoms and chronicity of the disability. 3) A brief assessment of the history/current status of the disability, including medications and treatments. 4) Accommodations have been provided in the past. 5) Accommodations are recommended that address specific functional limitations. 6) Additional information that may be useful in providing appropriate and efficient accommodations.

Our Company is committed both philosophically and legally to assuring equal access to all services. . Our Company has an Office of Disability Services to coordinate accommodations and facilitate the provision of services to the employee with documented disabilities. An employee may voluntarily register with the Office of Disability Services by completing the disability identification form and providing documentation of her disabilities, after which proper accommodations will be determined and implemented by our company.

Registered employee with disabilities who need accommodations or disability-related support services are asked to make their needs known and to file timely request forms with the Office of Disability Services. The types of accommodations which can be made may include additional time, computer access or quiet place for examinations, additional time for written assignments, and, in exceptional circumstances, a plan for a reduced course program. (This needs approval by both the Office of Disability Services and the Administrative Board.) Like all other students, students with disabilities should select courses that take into account their own particular strengths and weaknesses.

Our Company will provide support services to employees for whom the company has evaluations and credentials that are current and support the accommodation or services requested. Accommodation and services requests will be reviewed upon receipt of appropriate documentation and determinations made in a timely manner. Our Company cannot make retroactive accommodations. Our Company will consider the employee’s preferred accommodation requests, but has the right to offer an alternative accommodation that is also effective. Employee expected to participate responsibly and actively in using accommodations they have requested and which have been approved by the company. Employee who may have a disability and need accommodations or support services should contact or be referred to the Office of Disability Services for consultation and advice.
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