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Social Security Member’s Concerns

Changing of Names

The Social Security has set some rules and regulations to be followed by members who wish to have their names changed. There are various circumstances where name changing is allowed and these are as follows: if a member marries, if the member divorced and if there are certain corrections to be made on the name of a member.

If you are a Social Security member and wishes to change your name let’s say in you social security card, the first thing you ought to do is to tell both the agency as well as your employer. The importance of telling your employer is to ensure that your earnings will be properly reported and recorded. However, it is only your name that will be changed and will not in any way affect your social security number. The changing of a member’s name does not require for any payment, it is entirely for free.

In order for a member to get his or her new corrected social security card he or she will be required to bring along with her the identification showing the old name and the new name. For the new name a member may bring his or her marriage certificate or divorce decree. And for those members who were born outside of US you will be made to present proofs of your US citizenship.


For divorced social security members especially those that have been married for at least ten years, may be able to collect retirement benefits on their former spouse’s Social Security record provided they are at least sixty-two years of age and if ever their former spouse is entitled or already receiving benefits. However, if after the divorce a member marries he or she may not collect on his or her former spouse’s benefits unless his or her marriage ends either by death, divorce or annulment.

There are still other circumstances aside from the above mentioned wherein a divorce spouse may be able to claim benefits. Take for example if ever the divorced spouse dies and then the other spouse have not yet married plus the surviving spouse is of age 60 then he or she will be receiving benefits.  However, if he or she remarries before reaching the age of 60 he or she will no longer be able to receive any benefits from his or her ex-spouse. But if after the age of 60 the ex-spouse remarries only then will he or she be entitled to receive social security survivor benefits and even retirement benefits out from his or her deceased ex-spouse.


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