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Social Security Administration
“Social security” defined is a government social welfare program that provides economic assistance to individuals faced with old age, retirement, disability, death, sickness, or unemployment financed by assessment of employers and employees. The Social Security Administration is the federal agency that administers the largest social insurance program in the United States and responsible for the social security system.

The term social security, in the United States refers to the programs established in the social insurance portion of the 1935 Social Security Act, which uses contributions made by employees and employers to provide income to people and their families during retirement or in the case of involuntary unemployment, disability, or death. It is essential that we have a clear understanding of the social security benefits that we can avail of. Throughout ages people have been devising ways of supporting citizens who cannot provide for themselves. Moral and religious teachings encourage us to help others through our own goodwill. This is why the Social Security Administration is established to provide assistance to older citizens, those with disabilities and their dependents.

We can help you know better of your benefits and protect your interest by providing you good service and help you meet the requirements to entitle you to receive benefits. For instance, people who have worked for a living can always avail of the Old age, Survivors’, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) and Medicare provide support during their older years and when they have stopped working. The OASDI program provides benefits for the aged, for the disabled, and for survivors of deceased workers. Financing for the cash benefits for OASDI comes from allocated payroll taxes levied on employees, their employers, and the self-employed. The rate of these contributions is based on the taxable earnings of employees, up to a maximum taxable amount, with the employer contributing an equal amount. Self-employed people contribute twice the amount levied on employees.

The Unemployment Compensation program provides monetary support for people who have lost jobs. Unemployment Compensation provides temporary financial aid during periods between jobs. SSI provides income to people who cannot work for various reasons. The Employment Service program (established prior to the Social Security Act) provides training and job-finding services for people seeking work. Under the Supplemental Security Income program (SSI), the federal government provides payments to elderly, blind, or disabled individuals with low income. So save yourself from financial worries. Our organized plans and programs will help you secure your future financial worries.
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