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As suggested by its definition, Social Security disability is intended specifically to benefit people with long-standing disabilities and not for those with short-lived disabilities.

Meanwhile, the Social Security Administration have set a waiting period in order to allow it adequate amount of time to distinguish those individuals the Social Security laws and the Congress that implemented it,  intend to be protect and provide with benefits.

If you are a U.S. citizen living in the city of South Gate, Los Angeles County, California and have acquired long-term disability, then you are one of the rightful persons whom the Social Security law intends to protect. Mesriani Law Group’s attorneys based in South Gate are your advocates in making sure that you receive the benefits you rightfully deserve.  

The waiting period given for beneficiaries gives the Social Security ample time to focus on the individuals with disability who do not have disability coverage. It is common enough that some disabled persons become recipients of short-term aids during the initial stages of the disability. These short-term aids may be in the form of consuming allowed sick leaves at work or getting dole out funds from caring friends and charitable organizations.

The Social Security, through the waiting period can also focus more on providing benefits for those who have used up all their options and have been left with nothing. They can prevent from giving money to some who are somehow receiving disability payments from other sources.

If you are one of those who have no one left to turn to regarding financial support for your disability, then our firm’s South Gate attorneys are your dependable and competent advocates. You can be fully assured that your initial claim will go completely, quickly and smoothly. With our South Gate attorneys as your partner in availing the benefits you justly need, you will encounter no inconvenience.

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