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State Coalition Argues Forced Insurance Buying

March 21, 2012

Washington - The provisions under the amended 2010 federal health care reform law earned the scrutiny of state coalitions, reports said.

About 26 states, headed by Florida, opposed the mandate that obligated American citizens in buying health care. This mandate has a set 2014 deadline and non-compliance would mean financial penalty.

State coalitions argued that they should not be forced to buy something that they do not need. According to them, younger citizens must not be compelled since they have no use for health insurance.

However, the Justice Department pointed out that when people grow older, they would be in due time forced to avail of health care insurance. Therefore, there were really no options left to choose from in the first place.

The Supreme Court will handle opposing views on the said law, while rulings were expected to be released by June.

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