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There are different types of benefits that you can be entitled to, depending on the circumstances and the documents you present with your claim. You can be entitled to more than one benefit. Generally, disability insurance will be available for you if you got disabled and have been paying social security taxes for the last ten years of your work experience. On the other hand, supplemental security income can be paid to you regardless if you have previously worked before or if you have paid enough social security taxes, provided that you are disabled under the same rules as for disability insurance, be blind, or be over age 65 years. Other members of the family may be entitled to get supplemental security income as well depending on the financial need.

It is expected that at least 80 percent of all applications will get denied, so it shouldn’t be surprising for you to receive a denial letter. But at anytime during the process of your Social Security disability claim, our Studio City attorneys can handle them for you. Our attorneys from Mesriani & Associates will give you a comprehensive review of your case and will give an approximate appraisal of the actual amount that you should get from social security. We help our clients complete all the paperwork needed to pursue their claim properly and successfully. Statistics show that it will be more likely that you win a claim if you are represented by a social security attorney. And not just a social security attorney - an experienced attorney who has a deep understanding of the intricacies of the system.

We handle each social security disability case on a contingency-fee basis. That means we will only collect from you if you successfully get your benefits from SSA. Our Studio City attorneys assure our clients that they will work hard and fight aggressively to get you approved for the benefits you need.

If you live in Studio City and have a social security disability claim that got denied after, don't hesitate to contact our Studio City attorneys from Mesriani & Associates. Our toll-free number is open all day, everyday.

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