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SOCIAL SECURITY LAW: Study Bares Disability Fund Faces Depletion by 2018

December 6, 2010

Washington, D.C. - The Social Security Administration (SSA) faces depletion of its SS Disability fund by 2018, a study has revealed.

SSA's Johnson City Office released a report showing a 34.5 percent increase in SS Disability claims. The study indicated that if the percentage continues to increase, the SS Disability Fund could deplete by 2018.

The study pointed out surging unemployment rate as a factor in the increase of SSDI claims. The massive lay-offs have compelled people to resort to government financial aid.

According to Social Security officer and lawyer Tony Seaton, people who have suffered back injuries would attempt to file a SS Disability claim to receive allowance.

Seaton commented that claimants have to present adequate medical records and meet SSA eligibility criteria to qualify for SSDI.

The increasing SS Disability claims can cause SSA Trust fund to be depleted by 2018.

The SSA has received an increasing SS Disability claims in recent years at the onset of unemployment wave.

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