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As one of the main programs of the Social Security Administration, Supplemental Security Income helps lessen the severity of poverty for many people. For claimants whose social security disability benefits are low, SSI does exactly what its name implies: it supplements; it provides extra income to qualified beneficiaries.

However, SSI cannot be extended to everyone. Only individuals who have a disability and/or meet age requirements and income criteria may qualify for benefits under Supplemental Security Income program. If you have limited income and resources, are either age 65 or older, blind or disabled, including disabled or blind children, you should file for Supplemental Security Income as soon as possible.

You may appoint a representative who can help you on your claim. Better yet, you can ask for the help of Los Angeles SSI Attorneys to assist you with everything that needs to be done in the entire application process. The reason for this is clear: Supplemental Security Income claim may take a very long time to process.

Unfortunately, many applicants for SSI have experienced delays and frustrations simply because they had no idea on what the process entails and how long the process would take. Thus, later on realizing that it was already too late and that they should have filed an application much earlier or should have sought the help of legal counsel from the very start.

For poverty-stricken individuals and families, SSI is the refuge from that poor economic situation and can serve as the path towards decent living. The fact is that the vast majority of SSI claimants have no idea how to accurately and thoroughly prepare a disability case for a hearing, whereas, with Los Angeles Supplemental Security Income Attorneys’ level of familiarity and expertise with Social Security’s rules and regulations, claimants can expect working toward the goal of obtaining a positive outcome of their case.

Our experienced California SSI lawyers are committed to serving your specific needs and protecting your rights. With more than 15 years of experience in handling Supplemental Security Income claims and cases, you can be assured of getting the disability benefits that you deserved.

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