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Los Angeles Survivor Benefits Attorney

      One of the types of benefits being provided by Social Security to its members is the Survivor Benefits which is the expertise of a Los Angeles Survivor Benefits Attorney. Survivor Benefits is applicable if the individual who died had a minimum of ten years work and then the surviving family members can be eligible for a claim provided they meet the given requirements under the law. According to the Social Security Administration, those who are eligible for Survivor Benefits are: a widow/widower with full benefits, a disabled widow/widower as early as age 50, a widow/widower who takes care of a child less than 16 yrs or is disabled. Said benefit can also be extended to unmarried children under 18 or 19 that is going to school full time, children at any age who were disabled before age 22 and remain disabled as well as to dependent parents age 62 and above.

      The Survivor Benefits will be very helpful for the surviving individual members especially if the one that died is the breadwinner in the family. Although it will not in any way compensate for the lost person, it would at least help the family cope with the daily, financial needs until they are able to overcome the lost and finally move on.

      However, in order to claim for Survivor Benefits, it is required under Social Security Administration that a death must be reported to the Social Security Office in order for the necessary documents be processed immediately. For the beneficiary, it will be very helpful to get a Los Angeles Survivor Benefits Attorney who knows the process regarding this kind of situation. It will speed up the process considerably enabling the abandoned persons to get the suitable benefits they deserve.

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