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The Fruits of Retiring

“Retirement is just a door for a brighter future ahead of you…Prepare to enter that door wholeheartedly and you may find contentment and happiness”

Most of the people in the U.S. have that dreadful feeling in reaching the age of retirement from work. That is, they do not really understand what is in store for them the day after they will be legally compelled to evacuate their job post. Possibly, they have also failed to manage their money properly that they have not much to spend waiting until their final day on earth.

In contrast, retirement should not be frightening at all. It is just like a mystic door or a place where you can relax and earn the fruits of your hard-earned labor. This is the time to spend quality time with your family and loved ones without the fear of having work backlogs, memos and salary deductions.

The fact is if you have faithfully completed paying for social security taxes, besides your own investments and savings account, you have better chances of being ensured of your future. You may opt to get the lump sum amount of your retirement benefits and invest it on a viable business as other retirees do to make their money double. Yet you may choose to get your benefits on a monthly basis and worry not on your daily needs; the choice is rest in your hands.

Full retirement in the U.S. is set at the age of between 65 to 67 years, depending on the year you were born. However, the government gives you the option to delay your retirement until you feel like doing so. This will even increase your retirement benefits for future use. Also, you may decide to retire at an earlier age. This will decrease the total of your possible subsidy.

After setting up your mind on your preferred time of retirement, the next step would be filing your retirement papers to the Social Security Administration. Again, you have the option of applying alone or hire an experienced social security lawyer who will act as your representative in order to have better chances of getting your retirement benefits.

Finally, no matter how much money you have earned from your long years of labor, the real meaning of contentment and happiness may be realized only if you were able to learn how to have positive attitude towards life. Think positively, act accordingly and spend the rest of your life to the fullest.

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