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One of the programs of the government in providing finances for unforeseen casualties is social security. When it was first passed into law in 1935, it was originally intended to provide support for retired and old people. Over the years, the Old Age Pension Act has been amended to suit and include the needs of the disabled and its immediate family members as well. Not only that - social security has been modified to include health insurance as well under the Medicare program. The money being paid to those pensioners are funded by social security taxes. Workers who have been paying social security taxes for at least 10 years will be eligible to receive social security benefits in the future.

Today there has been much issue about claiming these benefits, especially if the applicants are survivors of a loved one who died from disability or from wrongful death. Some state laws govern the eligibility of family members claiming social security from the diseased. You can check more about laws governing social security and state benefits in your area by consulting with our Torrance attorneys from Mesriani & Associates.

If you live in Torrance and have suffered an injury that has resulted in a disability, you can collect compensation from Social Security. The Torrance attorneys from Mesriani & Associates have a wide knowledge and expertise in laws governing social security and can assist you in gathering the needed documents in applying for social security disability insurance and supplemental security income. We spare you from the inconvenience of bureaucracy that is plaguing the social security system nowadays, and we make your application smoother and faster. We take care in every aspect of your claim, and we make sure that your benefits will be received. If you get denied before, we can help you file for reconsideration or represent you before an administrative hearing. We work on a contingency fee basis - we don't collect from you unless we win your case. Call our Torrance attorneys today for a free initial legal consultation.
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