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Tracking Materials by RFID to SSA

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is revolutionizing multiple industries around the world. Identification capacities are used by governments, manufacturing, the healthcare industry, correctional facilities, patron situations like amusement parks, sports arenas, and especially the Social Security Administration. RFID systems are designed to accommodate several different businesses and purposes.

Soon the Social Security retirees where unlikely to see their radio frequency identification tags on their Social Security checks. Early this year Social Security Administration officers will begin ordering for SSA forms and pamphlets using the RFID technology.

The reason why the Social Security Administration will going to use the RFID because they discovered the advantages of RFID versus the bar codes. The advantage using RFID technology is to supplement and, in some areas, replace handheld bar code scanners for entering data into warehouse management systems. Unlike bar codes, which typically are scanned with handheld readers, RFID tags store information in a microchip that transmits its information automatically to an RFID reader.

Radio waves can emit through any non-metal item, meaning clothes, bed sheets, and also weather conditions, like fog or snow. The tag can also be inserted into the item and hidden from view. For example, animal tracking tags are inserted under the skin, or security tags inside the package. Tags can be packed along with the antenna, and be easily read by an RFID scanner or reader.

In addition using RFID tags and readers, SSA officials anticipate removing expensive, time-consuming errors in maintaining record and fulfilling orders for hundreds of different SSA pamphlets and forms. The Director of SSA's Office of Supply and Warehouse Management, Mr. John Spencer says that, "Certainly accuracy saves money”; "If we don't process the order correctly, that results in another order to be placed, packed and shipped."

The Social Security Administration using RFID technology relies on its dependable solutions. The radio waves allow data to transmit from the tag, by way of the antenna, through non-optical means. Other identification concepts, like the barcode, or use of a photograph, require line-of-site contact. In critical situations, such as prison security circumstances, or in hospitals, quick identification of the wearer, and their pertinent information, is invaluable.

SSA officials will expand their use of RFID by creating shipping container tags and sending them to one of the agency's largest printing vendors early this year. Gary Orem, an information technology specialist at the Wal-Mart and the Defense Department warehouse office said that "We want them to include our tag on the product". The process would automatically update SSA's warehouse information system and when palettes of printed materials are read on the receiving dock.

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