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US Rep. Chris Murphy Discusses Medicare Status

July 4,2011

Simsbury- US Representative Chris Murphy has discussed Medicare and Social Security issues at the Eno Memorial Hall on Wednesday at 11:00 a.m.

According to reports, Murphy gave an hour speech and answered questions on disability and retirement benefits. He was with Connecticut Health Care Advocate Victoria Veltri to clarify recent status on Social Security claims. Some local government staff, senior citizens, and Social Security disability beneficiaries attended the conference.

Murphy explained that the Social Security is having difficulty in meeting financial obligations of its members. Legislators may not have sufficient time to address the fiscal budget deficit, causing suspension on benefit payments.

The Democrat Representative also commented that the current plan to pass US Rep. Paul Ryan's proposed budget in the House may change Social Security system, but not cause good to citizens.

The Ryan project proposal has campaigned to dissolve current Social Security benefit programs and give vouchers instead. The cards will entitle  members to purchase private health insurance.

However, the government has yet to find financial resources to fund the vouchers, reports said.

The Fifth Congressional District Representative reiterated that the Ryan project aims to privatize the Social Security. The plan, if approved, will be implemented at least ten years from now.

Murphy is running for the US senate post in the 2012 national election.


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