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Utah Social Security Attorney

The social security program is run by the United States government and is the program that provides benefits to more injury survivors than any other. Almost all survivors of a moderate or severe injury, with the proper representation and case presentation, should eventually be found to be entitled to social security benefits. Many mild injury survivors will also qualify for social security disability.

Social Security rules for evaluating disability and your work history are very technical and complicated. Utah Social Security Attorneys know what must be done to protect claimant’s rights, comply with the applicable time limitations and maximize the chances of receiving an award of benefits.

Studies show that one out of four young workers will become disabled some time during his or her lifetime. The Social Security Administration pays cash benefits to people who are unable to work for a year or more because of a disability. Benefits continue until a person is able to work again on a regular basis, and a number of work incentives are available to ease the transition back to work. For more information contact Utah Social Security Attorneys.

Generally, attorney or non attorney representation in an SSDI disability claim is not required to attend a hearing before a judge. But having no representation, especially from a lawyer can give you less chances of winning a claim. It is rather unwise and worse, may result in a lost opportunity to win disability benefits. Hence if you are in Utah, finding your Social Security attorney is a wise decision.

Speeding up the process
The process of applying for early social security benefits can be long and frustrating. Most individual who apply for social security benefits are turned down a minimum of two times? Without legal help of Utah Social Security Attorneys, it may take up to 2 ½ years to get benefits. Utah Social Security Attorneys can help speed up this process so you can take care of your injury and family. According to the Social Security Administration, a "Disability" can be physical, emotional, or a combination of both. In order to obtain benefits, you must prove your disability is severe enough to keep you from working in any paying job for at least 12 consecutive months. Factors that influence the legal finding of disability are the claimants age, education, work experience, compliance with medical treatment, daily activities and the kind and extent of treatment. Utah Social Security Attorneys help you gather all the relevant information and show the Administration that you deserve benefits.

You must know that the law allows only a limited period of time for social security claims to be brought. Utah Social Security Attorneys can help you determine how much time you have left. If you do not file your claim within the time provided by law, it may be dismissed and you may be denied benefits. You should apply at any Social Security office as soon as you become disabled. (You may file by phone, mail, or by visiting the nearest office.) However, Social Security benefits will not begin until the sixth full month of disability. This "waiting period" begins with the first full month after the date the Social Security Administration decides your disability began.
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