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Veterans Disability Compensation

Checking your eligibility
Veterans disability compensation is a monetary benefit paid to a veteran because of injuries that happened while he was in active duty or were made worse by active military service. Generally, you may be eligible for veterans disability compensation if you have a service related disability and you were discharged and you may not have received dishonorable discharge. The amount of veterans disability compensation varies with the degree of disability and the number of dependents and is paid monthly. This benefit is, however, not subject to state or federal income tax.

VA offers three ways for receiving benefits. First, is by direct deposit through an electronic fund transfer to their bank, savings and loan or credit union accounts. Most beneficiaries or veterans choose this method. Beneficiaries who do not have an account at a financial institution may open a federally insured Electronic Transfer Account that provides a monthly statement and allows cash withdrawals. Beneficiaries may also choose to receive benefits by check. To choose a method of payment, a veteran should contact the VA’s office as soon as possible.

Beneficiaries may be paid additional benefits in certain instances like;

•    if you have very severe disabilities or loss of limbs
•    you have a seriously disabled spouse
•    if you have children or dependent parents

Veterans whose service related disabilities are rated at thirty percent or more are entitled to additional allowances for dependents. The additional amount is determined by the degree of the disability and the number of dependents. Additionally, a disabled veteran evaluated at thirty percent or more is entitled to receive a special allowance for a spouse who is in need of attendance and aid of another person.

The VA does not necessarily need to find the exact cause of the illness or injury in order to give veterans disability compensation. The dollar amount of compensation is determined by regulations that give a rating for each illness or injury in a scale of zero to one hundred based on the severity of the medical problem. The idea of the compensation program is that these ratings are intended to reflect a loss of earnings capacity. Thus, the disability compensation can greatly help you in your daily expenses especially if you are the only one providing financial support to your family.

To apply for this compensation, you need to file out Veterans application for Compensation. When applying, it is advisable that you bring important materials that may be required of you such as:

•    dependency records  - marriage and children’s birth certificates
•    medical evidence

It is always wise to be aware of your current VA rating. This could change anytime; hence you must always be updated to gain the right compensation you deserve.

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