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Website For Social Security Administration
The Website for Social Security Administration provides information concerning nation's social insurance program, consisting of retirement, survivor's and disability benefits for individuals and their dependents. The Social Security Administration is established as an independent agency in the executive branch of the Government to administer the old-age, survivors, and disability insurance program and the supplemental security income program. Our site provides assistance to individuals nationwide. It provides you with everything you wanted to know about benefits and social security. It also gives you important and accessible benefit information for individuals who want to understand disability benefits and alternatives for employment. The site also educates and aids individuals with disabilities, and those who support them, to be aware of the benefits and risks of going back to work, and/or increasing their work income. Our goal is to support individuals to have a better quality of life and contribute to their communities as working citizens. The Social Security Website also offers you with information on how to apply for Social Security benefits, how you can qualify for these benefits, how to estimate your benefits and the programs offered by the Social Security. It strives to be responsive to your questions and concerns. It will assess your claim and present sincere, accurate information about the different social security programs and its criterion so you can make informed judgments about matters so significant in your life.

Some of the other specific services of the site are: contacting medical sources to acquire updated records and medical statements; supervising of case status at different levels of appeal; attending administrative hearings with you to present a comprehensive theory of your claim outlining your impairments and limitations to explain why you can't work; accomplishment of forms related to each level of the administrative process; assess medical and vocational features of your claim, building your case to optimize the possibility of a favorable decision; observing accurate, timely payment of awarded benefits; communicating with you, the applicant, to answer questions and concerns; developing definite illness or injury related questionnaires to bring forth information from your doctors; and communicating with all related government agencies on your behalf.

Furthermore, the Website for Social Security Administration provides information, advice and help to the public and employers; preparing and presenting appeals to appeals tribunals; and taking more and more of an active part in helping people into employment, other than looking to make sure that those who cannot work get all the benefits they are entitled to.

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