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Why You Need Disability Law Firms

To help disabled people have a normal life like everyone else, the government has created many programs that will provide benefits to them.

Under the Social Security Administration or SSA are programs designed to help people who are in need, especially those who are suffering from any disabilities. Some of their insurance programs are the Social Security disability insurance, also referred to as SSDI and the Supplemental Security Income or SSI.

To be eligible to receive the benefits of these disability programs, one needs to apply and pass some certain requirements. However, applying for the supplemental security income and social security disability insurance benefits can be difficult because of the span of time a claim may take and the great possibility of being denied.

There are many reasons why applications for SSDI and SSI benefits are denied that may have been approved earlier. Some of the reasons are the following:

  • Many applicants experience difficulty in completing the application and the forms associated with it in adequate detail. It is possible that they do not know the exact names of their conditions, may have a problem in stating the description of the effects of their conditions, and they may be unaware that all their diseases and conditions must be included in the application.

  • Physicians and other providers of information fail to give all the information needed by the SSA because they often do not know what details the SSA need to be able to examine a disability case, and more often than not, they do not fully understand the disability standard of SSA.

  • Often, medical providers lack staff to respond quickly to requests of information especially in busy hospitals and clinics in low-income communities. Most of them strive to keep adequate medical staff to attend to their patients' needs and may possibly do not have enough staff that is responsible for the medical records. Delay in getting medical and other evidences may happen because of privacy laws and concerns. There are some cases where it takes many follow up requests just to get the needed medical records from doctors and providers.

  • The information regarding the functional capacity of an applicant is not sought after from treating sources that have first hand knowledge of the applicant's ability to perform in light of his/her impairments. This information is vital to a complete analysis of one's application.

  • Medical experts that are available to adjudicators of SSA are often insufficient. When needed medical experts are unavailable and there are rare or newly identified impairments, these diseases may be treated with suspicion. Efforts should be made by SSA to communicate with specialists to learn about the said condition.

  • Some of the rules and regulations in the evaluation of disability are not always followed.

About 70% of all SSI and SSDI claims are already denied at application even though many of them are disabled and need help.

If you are one of the people whose application has been denied, you should learn as much as you can about the system of benefit approval. It is also wise to seek legal assistance from expert lawyers in Disability Law Firms. They will help you be aware of one's rights and aid you in filing an appeal after your claim has been denied.

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