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Why You Need the Services of a SSD Representative

If you have a disability case, chances are you will also try to find someone who can assist you.

What exactly are the qualities that you should look for in a social security representative?

When looking for a SSD representative, try to get someone with experience and credibility. This means you have to hire someone who has handled disability cases before and has vast knowledge of the intricacies of pursuing a claim.

There is a big difference between a person who dabbles into disability cases every now and then and someone who is actually into it. Preferably, a lawyer who specializes in SSD and SSI cases may qualify as representative in your SSD case.

Why hire a Rep

According to the Social Security Administration, nearly 1.4 million people have filed disability claims and awaiting the results of their claims. On the average, each claim takes about 2 to 4 years to get results.

Having an experienced and capable representative can surely get you through the disability backlog. An experienced representative can evaluate your case and see right away possible problems and issues that may arise out of your case.

A representative who is capable of serving your needs can present to you options based on the knowledge and experience he gained through years of handling similar cases.

What Can a Rep Do

Generally, a representative will work on everything regarding your claim on your behalf and in most cases, unburden you of the following tasks:

  • Complete the necessary paperwork
  • Make sure that all forms and appeals are filed timely
  • Communicate with doctors to collect or update medical records for your file
  • Answer any questions related to your case during the process
  • Check with SSA for the status of your claim

Claimants should make sure that they have regular contact with their representatives to keep them updated of their claims or the progress of the process. Hence you must be in touch with your representative on a regular basis.

At the onset of your briefing or initial talk, you must ask the representative the following questions:

  • Who should call whom?
  • How often will the representative report?
  • Will there be a regular meeting to discuss the claim
  • If the representative is not available, is someone else available to answer the questions?

There is no guaranteed time on how long a disability claim can be released; but with the help of an experienced and capable social security/ disability attorney, the chances of obtaining a claimed is surely improved.

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