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Workers Comp Audit

Every employee of a company is entitled to a copy of the auditor’s worksheet used to determine and settle on the final premium. The copies are available from the insurance carrier, and all employees should always review them. The workers comp audit is requested, conducted, and reviewed by the insurance company. It is always advised to all employees that don’t hastily believe or think just because they got a refund or paid a small additional premium, the workers comp audit is correct.

To be better educated regarding employees’ legal rights, it is advisable to seek counsel from the legal experts who has sufficient knowledge and possesses valuable information about workers compensation or you may inquire to any workers comp audit specialists in your area. Workers comp audit specialists help businesses identify premium overcharges made by insurance carriers on current and expired workers compensation policies. Job is completed and done on contingency based on refunds obtained.

For employers who are diligent in paying their insurance premiums, it is an advantage for them to have an independent audit conducted with the insurance company. Sometimes, insurance can overcharge or make wrong calculations so an audit would be most beneficial. These specialists will know if there are discrepancies in the premiums calculated by the insurance company.

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