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Workers Comp Benefits

Workers compensation is a form of social insurance program that aid workers to have the rightful benefits if they become injured due to accidents or crime in the workplace. In this program the worker only has to prove that the injury happened in the workplace in order for him to receive worker’s compensation benefits. There are six major types of workers comp benefits that a worker can be entitled depending on the extent of the injury he has acquired. These six types of workers comp benefits are the medical care, temporary disability, permanent disability, vocational rehabilitation services, supplemental job displacement benefits and the last is death benefits.

In terms of medical care the injured worker is entitled to all reasonable medical care necessary to treat or ease the effects of the injury. For the temporary disability benefits the employees unable to return to work within three days are entitled to temporary disability benefits to partially replace wages lost as a result of the injury. When it comes also to the permanent disability, the worker is entitled to benefits for the duration of his life. The vocational rehabilitation aims to help the injured worker to go back to sustainable gainful employment, whether it will be to get employment or self-employment as long as it can be attained for the maximum self-support to the worker. The last kind of worker comp benefits is the death benefits wherein burial expenses and support payments for the dependents of the fatally injured worker.

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