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Workers Comp Claims

Just like in any other compensation claim, there is a process that must be followed for all workers compensation claims. Before filing a claim, the victim must report to the employer that an injury has happened to obtain workers comp accreditation. Going for a medical examination is important to know the extent or seriousness of the injury. Some work related injuries can appear to be superficial when in fact there is a more serious underlying condition so in this aspect, a medical opinion will be advantageous. Furthermore, a medical certificate or doctor’s report is asked for by insurance companies to persons making a claim for compensation and best get the appropriate workers comp benefits. The insurer will still verify this and if the information found there is appropriate they will make the decision.

All workers compensation claims must be made within a six months period from the date of the injury. But after the immediate notification regarding the injury, the insurer has to pay the provisional liability payments to the injured worker. Having workers comp advisor or contacting a lawyer specializing in workers compensation claim may help a lot in obtaining the proper worker compensation.
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