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Workers Comp Codes

Every worker compensation case filed by an injured worker is carefully evaluated by the insurance company based on the workers comp codes. These codes are part of the system that classifies different workplace exposures or the commensurate risk associated with the workplace exposure. There are different codes for office workers, industrial workers, construction workers and others.

The classification system that uses the codes is devised and maintained by the National Council on Compensation Insurance. According to this Council, at present there are approximately 600 classification codes that are aimed to protect workplace exposures. There are corresponding manuals and codes regarding the classification codes used in each state. The only states that do not use the classification set forth by the Council are New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania and California.

Proper classification is very important in order to be able to give the just compensation for an injured worker.
In order to know more about the workers comp codes, it will be beneficial to read on the workers compensation sites on the internet. There are many websites that have a lot of sources regarding workers compensation. These sites do not only provide information regarding the codes but also tips in filing a case and what will be covered by the claim.
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