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Workers Comp Fee Schedule

Workers comp fee schedule is conducted to determine provider worker’s compensation system participation rates. In general, this is carefully reviewed and checked by a committee, particularly by a medical service board. Organizations use their fee schedule as a policy tool control medical costs and to eliminate payer dependence on the physician’s charged based data.

Every state in the United States authorized medical workers comp fee schedule, some of which provide online access to their fee schedules. However, there are also some states wherein the schedule can only be obtained through hard copy. For those states, information is provided as to where to order their workers comp fee schedules. All medical care providers must adhere to their medical workers comp fee schedules, and the injured worker cannot be made to pay the balance of a doctor’s bill over what is permitted under the medical workers comp fee schedule.

There are different schedules set out for every industry. This is to ensure that there will be an organized payment and updating of the necessary documents. Through the prearranged schedule, every employer will have a guide in order for them to make prompt payment of dues. Those who do not comply with the schedule are usually penalized.

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