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Workers Comp Forms

Workers who get injured in the workplace are entitled to compensation from his employer. The law mandates all companies and businesses to insure their workers because there is no telling when an accident might happen. With ready insurance, a worker will have an easy mind knowing he will be taken cared of. In order to make the appropriate claim, an injured worker has to fill up the necessary workers comp forms and file them to the company. The company will usually be the one to forward them to the insurance company. Once the insurance company receives the forms, the processing will immediately commence.

If an injury occurs, the worker must immediately report it to his employer. A medical check up is usually a prerequisite in compensation claims so the injured worker has to see his doctor or the company doctor to ascertain the extent of the injury. To be able to process the compensation faster, the medical certificate is usually required by the insurer together with the workers comp forms.

There are a lot of forms used in workers compensation; among them is the WKC-3 or Medical Treatment Statement used for citing cost from medical providers. Another is the WKC-12-E which is the Employer’s First Report of Injury or Disease. The WKC-13-E or Supplementary Report on Accidents and Industrial Disease and the WKC-13A are also other essential forms in workers compensation. But aside from these there are still other forms for this purpose.
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