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Workers Comp Statistics

Workers comp statistics is providing those interested individuals with the information about the number of people who receive workers compensation benefits, a type of insurance coverage that employers carry, the average amount of money that is paid annually to compensate injured or ill employees, and the industries and occupations which have the highest prevalence of workers compensation claims. Workers compensation statistics are also essential to the insurance companies to determine the cost of coverage of employers based on the risks of industry and occupation functions.

According to national workers comp statistics, the manufacturing industry produces the highest number of workers comp claims annually and this number is nearly double the totals for other industries. Higher rates of workers compensation claims include the construction and health and community service industries. Workers comp statistics show that the occupations with the highest claims numbers are laborers and related workers and tradespersons.

If you are interested to know more about Workers comp statistics, or get an information about your legal rights and options in a workers compensation case, you should speak with a trained and experienced workers comp attorney.

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