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Your Right to Social Security Disability Representation

Most first time applicants to social security disability benefits have no clue how to go about the process. Because of that, their claims would often get denied due to insufficient or incomplete information even if they had a valid claim in the first place.

So if you’re a first time applicant or a denied claimant, you should consider using social security disability representation to make sure your claim gets approved. All SS benefits applicants have the right to have someone help you with your appeal or to represent you in your claim.

Representation means appointing someone help you conduct your business with Social Security Administration. While you can handle your claim or appeals on your own with free help from Social Security, you are allowed to seek assistance from a lawyer, a friend or someone else that is well-versed in social security. If you opt for representation in your case, the agency shall work with your representative as if that person is you.

A representative can be either be an attorney or any other qualified individual (such as a social security expert) and you can even have more than one representative although this may end up to be confusing. However, the representative you appoint should not have been suspended or disqualified from representing others before the SSA. Further, those prohibited by law to act as representatives cannot be appointed.

The Social security office as well as some organizations can help you find a representative. There are also instances when they can provide free legal services if you qualify or will not charge you for their services until you are approved to receive benefits.

If you’re hampered by your disability or current condition and if you’ve been denied or at a loss on how to proceed, acquiring social security disability representation will certainly facilitate your claim more efficiently. Here are some of the things a representative can do for you:

  • Act in your behalf before the SSA
  • Get access and information from your Social Security file
  • Assist you in gathering medical records or information to support your claim
  • Accompany you or appear in your behalf, in any interview, conference or hearing you have with us
  • Request for a reconsideration, hearing, or Appeals Council review
  • Prepare you and any of your witnesses for a hearing

If you finally decided to opt for social security disability representation, just make sure that you tell the SSA as soon as possible about it through a letter or an e-mail as you will be required to fill out Form SSA-1696-U4.

A social security lawyer in your area would be a good choice for social security disability representation – so don’t hesitate to get in touch with one today!

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