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About “Ticket to Work” and How It Can Help Social Security Beneficiaries

Most Social Security disability beneficiaries fear of losing their benefits, especially when they think of going back to work. Basically, it is a common thought for most of them that going back to work would mean being unable to continue receiving disability benefits from the Social Security. With this kind of thinking, many of them avoid pursuing employment.

However, contrary to popular belief, the Social Security allows a beneficiary to not only receive monthly benefits, but also be able to perform work or at least obtain work skills. It is important for them to understand that they can still do work while receiving benefits, but only if they earn within the parameters of what the Social Security Administration (SSA) regards as substantial gainful activity (SGA).

Hence, if you are a Social Security recipient and you earn less than the substantial gainful activity (SGA) threshold of $1,040.00 (for non-blind individuals, $1,740.00 for blind individuals), then you’re in good hands. Otherwise, your benefits will be stopped.

Meanwhile, if you want to try your hand at working again, but doesn’t have the necessary skills in which you need to perform your tasks, the SSA actually has a program which may qualify you to earn while receiving disability benefits. This is called the Ticket to Work program.

What is the Ticket to Work program?

Part of the “Work Incentives Planning Assistance” program, Ticket to Work is a program that provides “tickets” to individuals who are qualified and are willing to undergo training just for them to find a job in which they can manage to do despite their disability.

If you have been assigned a ticket, then it is assigned to a certain Employment Network so that you could obtain support from employment services, as well as do vocational rehabilitation. Once such network accepts your ticket, it will then provide you with services that will help you find a stable full-time job.

You’ll be undergoing training so that you can attain skills for employment and other vocational services. Once you begin your full-time employment, your disability benefits won’t immediately be stopped; instead, you’ll be granted a probationary period.

If your attempt to perform your job is not successful and that you cannot perform substantial gainful activity, you may have your benefits reinstated through the expedited reinstatement of benefits process of the SSA.

Incidentally, if you have any concerns regarding your benefits, you may consult with any of our reliable and trustworthy Los Angeles Social Security Disability attorney.

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