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About “Ticket to Work” and How It Can Help Social Security Beneficiaries

Most Social Security disability beneficiaries fear of losing their benefits, especially when they think of going back to work. Basically, it is a common thought for most of them that going back to work would mean being unable to continue receiving disability benefits from the Social Security. With this kind of thinking, many of them avoid pursuing employment. read more

4 Things You Could Do to Win Your Los Angeles Disability Benefits Claim

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) applicants in Los Angeles should be 100 percent prepared for their claim to avoid getting denied. It is common knowledge that the Social Security Administration (SSA) rejects thousands of SSDI initial applications every year. This means that the odds are not on the side of claimants, which is why they must prepare for such eventuality. read more

Valuable Evidence You Should Prepare for Your Disability Interview

The disability interview is the major starting point in the Social Security application process. A claims representative, commonly known as a CR, would be the one to conduct your interview. It is usually done in your local Social Security Administration (SSA) field office, and it won’t be complete without you accomplishing SSA forms and having valuable evidences. read more...

What Should Your Social Security Disability Claim Contain

The Social Security Disability program handled by the Social Security Administration (SSA) provides monthly benefits to approved beneficiaries who are unable to work due to a medical condition but had made sufficient Social Security tax contributions during their years of work. If you wish to receive disability benefits under this program, you must first meet certain criteria. read more...

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