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Our Disability Hearing Lawyers

The disability hearing is among the integral parts of the Social Security application process. However, this only happens if an individual seeking disability benefits with the Social Security is denied his or her claim.

The purpose of the disability hearing is for the denied applicant to have a chance to explain that he or she is entitled for benefits, let alone reverse the Social Security’s decision to deny him or her. Although this hearing is quite informal, it is presided over by administrative law judges (ALJs). They are the ones who make the final decision whether or not the denied applicant is indeed qualified to receive disability benefits.

As it is with the initial application process, the applicant must come in prepared for the hearing. However, it often takes a long time before the denied applicant receives the date of the hearing. After the appeal to reconsider the claim for benefits following the initial denial, he or she must request for a disability hearing within 60 days.

With the difficulty that comes with the preparation for the disability hearing, it would be reasonable for the denied applicant to seek help from disability hearing lawyers.

Incidentally, recent figures show that disability cases heard at hearing without the aid of an attorney have less chances of being approved. On the other hand, petitions managed by professional attorneys with expertise in dealing with these kinds of cases are found out to have mostly positive results.

Our law firm’s disability hearing attorneys

During the past few years, more and more people who acquired disability ask the assistance of our notable disability hearing lawyers in applying for Social Security claims. Our clients have nothing but good words regarding the outcome of their cases.

Our aggressive Social Security disability lawyers are well-recognized in resolving such cases in disability hearings. Deep admiration and respect were given to us by those people whom we were able to provide financial stability by successfully handling their claims.

With that, we promise to continue providing disabled people with quality legal services with much dedication to our tasks and greater compassion to our clients.

Our disability hearing attorneys are equipped with the understanding about the Social Security law and its procedures, which they use in formulating other techniques in representing our clients. Also, they attend regular trainings and skills enhancement seminars to further address the specific needs of our clients.

These are the reasons why our lawyers also gained prestige in this legal field, way ahead from our competitors in the business. Our excellent history of successful cases handled will be your assurance that we can provide you with the most beneficial results in your denied claim.

Accordingly, if you want to seek representation for your disability hearing, just call us at (866) 998-2545 to speak with one of our Los Angeles disability hearing lawyers. You may likewise email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for other inquiries.

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