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One of the most important evidence that can help you get your Social Security disability claim approved is your medical records. As the Social Security Administration does not quickly rule favorably on a disability claim, the opinion and evaluation of your disability as stated in your medical records will be the deciding factor in the success of your application.

It is essential that the physician is someone who has an ongoing treatment relationship with you and is able to describe the severity and nature of your impairment. The role of a physician in the disability determination process includes:

• As an expert who testify hearings with the administrative law judge
• As medical sources who provide medical evidence in behalf of their patients

Additionally, if you have become unable to work for twelve consecutive months, your physician should advice you to immediately file for Social Security disability benefits as it can take the Social Security Administration six to eight months to make a decision. Your application will be evaluated by a physician and a non-physician. They will review the medical and vocational issues related to your claim. The conclusion of disability by a physician unsupported by medical records is not enough to support your claim. Hence, the quality of the medical chart and report provided by your physician is of extreme importance as often judge’s base their decision on the physician’s testimony.

Further, a hastily written chart will not support a physician’s statement that you are unable to obtain a regular employment. Following a diagnosis of impairment, chart entries should be made in detail. The chart should include not only weight, height and blood pressure information but also essential elements such as physical capabilities, adaptive reactions and functional deficits.

Expect that your claim may be denied at first. But this should not discourage you. You must file an appeal to reconsider your application. In the event of a hearing, the testimony of your physician can greatly increase your chance of success. The testimony will be most effective if supported by a complete and detailed chart and when the physician has a clear understanding of the Social Security processes.

To ensure that you have a strong claim, there are a few things that a physician must know in assisting a disability claim. This includes:

• Making sure that all entries on the chart are detailed and complete
• Preparing testimony to be presented in court
• When there is a need for a hearing, work with the patient’s lawyer in preparing a narrative report regarding the patient and the impairment.

Following this steps and working with a competent lawyer, you can be assured that your claim be approved to somehow alleviate the financial stress that you are going through.
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