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Ex-lovers Vulnerable to Revealing Each Others SS Number: Study

February 7, 2013

Security experts suggest that after a relationship breakup, the former couple must secure all personal information, including Social Security number, which they shared with each other.

In a report by CNN, in the mobile age, intimate pieces of information like photos, videos, email passwords, banking logins, and Social Security numbers are susceptible to being stolen.

According to a study conducted by security company McAfee, more than 50 percent of couples in the United States share their passwords with each other.

“Sharing passwords is seen as a sign of love and devotion, a sign of commitment,” Robert Siciliano, McAfee's online security expert, said. “When the relationship goes south, change those passwords right away,” he added.

Experts suggest that after a breakup, it is a must for ex-partners to protect their personal data like Social Security number.

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