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What Should Your Social Security Disability Claim Contain?

The Social Security Disability program handled by the Social Security Administration (SSA) provides monthly benefits to approved beneficiaries who are unable to work due to a medical condition but had made sufficient Social Security tax contributions during their years of work. If you wish to receive disability benefits under this program, you must first meet certain criteria.

The SSA determines you as eligible for disability benefits based on your inability to do your current work due to a specific disability. “Disability” is a term used to refer to any physical or mental condition that is expected to last for at least a year or is expected to lead to death. Also, your disability must be the primary reason why you cannot do your current work. You must also be unable to perform substantial work at any other type of working environment.

Proving disability by establishing a claim

If you wish to apply for disability benefits under the Social Security Disability program, you must be ready to prove it. Before you do so, it would be good and easy for you if you first seek a legal representative who would help you throughout the application process. One particular person who can represent you is a disability attorney who can help you establish a strong claim.

Here are the main things that you must include in your claim before you submit it to your local SSA office:

  • Medical records. The SSA relies heavily on medical evidence as proof of one’s eligibility for disability benefits, and it is important that you have them ready. These would include your physician’s report about your condition, your medical records coming from the hospital or clinic where you are treated, and clinical and laboratory findings.
  • Doctor’s statements. Your physician’s statements always matter in your claim. He or she must not only provide a report about your condition, but must also provide proof that your condition limits you to do basic activities that are necessary in doing any kind of work, including your current work.
  • Work history. Your work history is also important in determining your eligibility for benefits. The disability examiner would look at the prior jobs you’ve done before you became disabled, and then compare it with your current physical and/or mental abilities.

Call a disability lawyer today

Retaining the services of any of the reputable LOS ANGELES SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY LAWYERS of Social Security Law Attorney would be helpful if you want a complete documentation for your claim. They are successfully representing clients in thousands of disability cases, carrying with them their 15 years of experience and legal expertise.

The law office is located at 5273 Melrose Ave #103 Los Angeles, CA 90038. You can email them at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. if you want to have your claim evaluated free of charge.

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