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Valuable Evidence You Should Prepare for Your Disability Interview

The disability interview is the major starting point in the Social Security application process. A claims representative, commonly known as a CR, would be the one to conduct your interview. It is usually done in your local Social Security Administration (SSA) field office, and it won’t be complete without you accomplishing SSA forms and having valuable evidences.

Accordingly, the SSA would be more pleased to see all of the medical and employment evidence that you have at hand.

As it is, having your valuable medical evidence and employment history, generally, is not much of a requirement. You may still go to the disability interview without them, but you’ll be asked about them later so that the review of your claim may commence. To avoid the hassles, it is best that you collect these valuable evidences before you start your disability interview.

What to prepare prior to your disability interview

Your disability interview would be just a breeze if you have the following:

  • Medication, particularly the names and dosages of each one of them that you are taking
  • Your Social Security number, as well as those from your immediate family (from spouse to children)
  • Your financial information, particularly the bank account numbers that you have
  • Contact information from doctors who treated you, the medical facilities where you received treatment such as hospitals and clinics, the dates when you saw each doctor, and your patient ID numbers
  • Contact list of persons whom the SSA can call if you cannot be reached for any reason
  • Your work history detailing all the jobs you’ve held for the past 15 years before you became disabled, including the position held and the start and end date of each
  • Your doctor’s statements that states how your condition limits you to perform basic functions and work-related skills

What to do while collecting these evidences

It always pays to begin finding ways on how you can gather the evidences mentioned above. Preparing to secure them always entails the need for telephone calling, as well as letter writing. One of the best ways to keep all this important pieces of information organized is to establish a list or a spreadsheet.

You can do so through writing or through MS Excel. This will serve as your guide to see if you have anything to obtain. Also, for convenience, you can retain the services of a LOS ANGELES DISABILITY LAWYER who can improve your chances in obtaining your much-needed disability benefits. You can call the attorney at (310) 932-7060.

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