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If you are an individual who is seeking for Social Security disability benefits because of your inability to work, it's probably in your best interest to give Social Security disability attorneys a call. Social Security disability attorneys can give you advise on what course of action to take when dealing with the SSA, whether you're suffering from a medical condition or whether you're applying for cash benefits via SSDI. Social Security disability attorneys know the system inside and out and can help you win the benefits you deserve.

Social Security disability attorneys can help claimants avoid the mistakes that are possible when dealing with Social Security disability claims. In reality, more than half of those who are initially denied Social Security disability benefits fail to file appeals. If the claimant does not appeal, claimant has to start all over again, and could lose back benefits. Social Security disability attorneys recommend that their clients must appeal all denials immediately, so that their cases will move through the system faster. The other biggest mistake claimants can make is failing to keep regular doctor's appointments and/or seeking medical care. Because many claimants seeking disability benefits become discouraged, they stop seeing their doctors or miss appointments. Remember that medical evidence is needed from a doctor who sees you regularly in order to prove to the SSA that you are disabled.

Oftentimes, a claimant’s application for disability benefits will be denied. The denial doesn’t mean that the doctor wrote a letter that failed to support a claimant's case. The Social Security Administration makes its own decision about whether or not you are disabled; claims are denied once or even twice. Therefore, if you are denied, your Social Security disability attorneys will advise you to appeal within 60 days of the denial. If you are on social security disability denial, then you must go to the Social Security Office near you to file an appeal. While this process can be discouraging, you must continue to fight. If you cannot work, then you should continue to appeal your case to a hearing before an SSA law judge. At this hearing, you will have a chance to explain why, in fact and effect, you are disabled.

Social Security disability attorneys have plenty of experience with the state's disability laws, including Title II. This law provides injured workers with payment of disability benefits, as long as they are insured under the Act by virtue of their contributions to the Social Security trust fund through the Social Security tax on their earnings; it also applies to certain disabled dependents of insured individuals. If you're dealing with wrongfully denied insurance benefits, then there's a chance your lawyer can use this law during your appeal. There's no doubt Social Security disability attorneys can help their clients obtain the benefits they deserve. These Social Security lawyers will keep on top of your case through the thick and thin of dealing with the Rhode Island SSA. It's important to remember that the SSA's criteria for deciding if someone is disabled are not necessarily the same as the criteria applied in other government and private disability programs.
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