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All claims for Social Security benefits can be filed at your local Social Security office. In addition, claims for any type of benefit can be initiated by phone or through the Social Security Administration's website ( However, most benefit claims require at least one visit to a Social Security office to complete.

The Social Security has provided some guiding principles in filing for a claim. These guiding principles are set in order to give members with fast and orderly claiming procedures. One of the simplest ways to file your benefit claims is to schedule an appointment at the Social Security office in your area. However, for disability, survivors and supplemental security benefits the Social Security Administration advised that you file your claim the soonest possible time since these benefits are among the longest to process.

Expect to be asked for various documents to support your claim. For retirement benefits, for example, you will need your:

• Social Security number
• birth certificate
• military discharge papers, if any, and
• most recent W-2 or self-employment tax return.

In the case of retirement benefits, soon to retire members are encouraged to file a year ahead of their retirement. These will provide the Social Security Agency ample time to review your account with them as well as to provide you also with the time to gather all documents that are needed for your retirement benefit claims. Some of the documents required are as follows: social security card, birth certificate, marriage certificate for those whose benefits are based on their spouse’s social security account, a copy of most recent W-2 form for employees and a copy of recent federal income tax return for self-employed members. The Social Security Administration will let you know if they still require some other documents.

In some cases many individuals who filed for a case would want to know their chance of winning their case. On the other hand, there are some factors that need to be considered when filing for a case. Take for instance cases concerning Social Security Benefits. It is not easy proving that you have the right to claim since there are legalities involved starting from the time you sign up to become a member of the Social Security up to the time that you are filing for a claim.

The most common problems during claims pertain to some information that occurs that have not been divulge during the application for membership. You see, there is some barring in the contract that you sign. And in most cases, there are members who try to hide some information about themselves that are called for in the application for membership. So problems arise during the filing of claims. The usual problems occur during claims pertaining to disability and death. This is where most of the exclusions are applied. The sad part of it is that often times the cause of the death or the disability are at the list of the excluded items of the contract. This is also the reason why most claims are either denied or rejected. However, there are legal remedies that can be acquired. Let a Social Security Lawyer examine your case for you since he has a much wider knowledge on the matter. Also, provide your Social Security Lawyer with all the details as well as the documents needed in order to know whether you have a case or not.
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