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A Different Route to Social Security

Oct. 14, 2006 (OH). In a paradoxical attempt to obtain benefits provided by Social Security a person committed robbery to improve his way of living. Timothy J. Bowers found it difficult to find a steady source of income to suffice his daily needs hence, he robbed a bank in an aim of making it through the next few years until he would be eligible for Social Security.

      Bowers who turns 63 in a few weeks, opined that he’d rather rob a bank, than settle for minimum-wage jobs available for a person of his age. A clear case of age discrimination in the field of employment, he further stated that a three year sentence would better suit him. 

      Judge Angela White felt that the deliberate act of Bowers to rob a bank, then hand the money to the guard and wait for the police in a lonesome attempt to have a better course of living is unfortunate. Bowers added that he had been able to find only odd jobs after the wholesaler company he made deliveries closed in 2003.  Bowers entered the bank and handed a note to the teller threatening the latter to put cash in an envelope. The teller gave him four $20 bills and surreptitiously pushed the silent alarm. To emphasize the gravity of his situation, Bowers handed the money to a security guard standing in the lobby.

      Bowers pleaded guilty to robbery and a psychological exam ordered by the court found him in a proper state of mind in committing the offense. Prosecutors had considered against putting Bowers in prison at the expense of government money, but they assumed he would commit more dreadful acts if he was not placed behind bars.  

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